Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts... A Day Late

I'm a day late posting what's becoming my regular "Thursday Thoughts," but I wanted to share them anyway.

  1. This has been the busiest week!  I guess it's a good thing I like being busy because the next few weeks look like they're trying to beat this week!
  2. I had lunch with my sweet grandparents today!  They are so precious and mean the world to me!
  3. At Junior League last night, we passed around shamrocks with our names on them and we wrote what we appreciate about each girl on her shamrock.  It was nice.  I think no matter how much you enjoy giving and doing, it's always nice to get a little encouragement.
  4. PC and I are going on a date tonight!  We're going to see Just Go With It (I love Jennifer Aniston!).
  5. I am in the mood for some Spring cleaning.  I was totally ready to clean out my closet this weekend and add some "in between" Winter and Spring clothes in it, but with the temperature in the 30s this morning, I've decided I might just need to hold on to my sweaters and coats a bit longer.
  6. Sometime during football season I purchased some garnet and black pasta from The Gourmet Shop.  I thought it would be great to cook while watching an away game.  That hasn't happened yet and I guess it won't because as I was thinking about cooking it one night earlier this week, I noticed that the color was from some type of fish ink and well, I can't eat fish.  Or their ink.  
  7. I desperately want to finish Decision Points.  Every time I've picked it up lately, I've fallen asleep (I promise it's not the book's fault!), and I'm not very good when it comes to reading more than one book at a time.
  8. I got my hair cut this week.  I kept contemplating about cutting it shorter, not short, but shorter than it is.  The day before, I had a really good hair day (in my opinion) and decided to keep it long, but add some layers.  I like it.
  9. Do you ever feel like you pray and read your Bible, but you just don't exactly "hear" God?  I'm going through that state right now.  I know He's here with me and beside me, but sometimes I wish it was like I could say, "Hey God.  Have a seat and let me see You."  I know it's not me trying not to be close to Him and certainly not Him distancing Himself from me, but I think it's an opportunity to continue to have faith and trust Him completely even though I don't "feel" Him as much as I'd like to.  Does that make sense?  It makes sense in my head, but I don't know if it does on paper!  Sorry!
  10. Speaking of sorry, I have to stop saying that!  I went through a period of time a few years ago when I would constantly say "sorry" because I felt like I was doing something "wrong" when I was expressing myself or I felt bad if someone didn't or possibly didn't want to do something I wanted to do.  I catch myself doing this every now and then (and it's usually when I have a lot going on and get tired) and I need to break myself of it.

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