About Me

I'm a South Carolina girl in my early twenties.  I work in marketing, fundraising, and PR, with the occasional dive into state political matters.  I love to smile, laugh, have deep conversations, try new things, read, run, and love. I look for the best in every situation and in everyone. I love politics and quotes. Anything whimsical is the best. I have quite the addiction to shopping. I read the Times, but People Magazine is my guilty pleasure. I love planning and constantly look for ways to improve myself. I love learning about practically anything, but I also like to just chill. Relaxing has never been my forte, but quite recently, I've been more relaxed than ever. I'm extremely Type A. I won't say I always use the right words, but please don't confuse "your" and "you're". I've always been fiercely independent and am extremely optimistic. I'm also quite individualistic. I want to make the world a better place. My eyes get teary when I read The Giving Tree. Jesus is my best friend and I know I fail over and over. I love the water and being near it. I could read books of quotations all day long. I like to debate and often take the opposite side just for fun. I want to be a better person - growth is an amazing thing. I believe you're never too old to grow, to learn, to dream and for that matter, say "please" and "thank you."