Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Years!

This week marks my third year with my company!  On one hand, it seems like forever, but on the other, I feel like I've just started. 

I feel really lucky and blessed in that I have a job that I love.  For the most part, every day is different.  There are so many different areas of concentration in my position that I am able to work on many different things all at once.  Take this week for example.  I've travelled to several of our partner offices, worked on a website, submitted two magazine articles, worked on a commercial and a TV show, had multiple conference calls, budget planned for our next fiscal year, drafted plans for two events (I have 5 major events between now and April 30!) and even shopped for new furniture. 

In this economy I feel so lucky to not only love what I do but also do what I love!

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