Monday, November 1, 2010

A Great and Halloween-y Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!  We did!

On Friday night, we went to this little Italian place for dinner.  I tried a new dish that was absolutely delicious!  After dinner, we went to see Red and then stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things to take to the Carolina game on Saturday.

It was up early on Saturday to bake the breakfast casserole and head to Columbia for the USC vs. Tennessee game.  I wish I had my camera cord with me so I could share some pictures from the game (and Halloween, too!).  The Gamecocks pulled off another win and we had a great time with PC's brother and his girlfriend.

We went to Charleston to stay the night after the game.  We went to the early church service with PC's sister, BIL, and nephew (great sermon that really made me think - I could do a post on it) and then PC and I went downtown for brunch at Poogan's Porch.  PC had Fried Green Tomato Egg Benedict and I had the Cinnamon French Toast.  It was delicious!

After we sat at the Battery and walked around some, we went to Target to get some Halloween plates and decorations for next year.  They were out.  And Christmas was up.  Already.  So sad.  I did end up getting two shirts, though.  Here's one that I was able to find online that will be perfect for Carolina games with a black cardigan.  The other is a pale pink tank with ruffles down the front. 

Product Image Merona® Collection Women's Sonia Top - Plum Passion     

Are you a Target shopper?  Traditionally, I'm not with the exception of a few pieces from the Merona Collection and a pair of gold flats, but for the price, there really are some cute pieces that seem to last.

After our Target trip, we went back to PC's sister's house and got ready for the trick or treaters.  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I have so many fond memories of trick or treating from growing up.  My mom usually made my costume whether I was a pumpkin (year 1) or Belle (around 8 I think).  Both of my parents went out with me on Halloween night and drove me, and later, my sister around (I didn't grow up in a neighborhood).  Some of our neighbors, great aunts, and a few people from church would have a "special" treat for me.  We'd always end the night at my mom's parents and my grandma would have hot pumpkin pie waiting on us.  When we got home, my dad and I would always empty out my pumpkin and dive for the Reeses Cups.  My parents always made a big deal out of the big things, but also out of the little things like Halloween which has made for special memories.  I hope when I have children one day, we'll do the same for them!  :)

That was a tangent unintended.  Long story short, PC's sister, BIL, and nephew live in a neighborhood and I got to help give out candy - for the first time ever.  While they took J trick or treating with the other neighborhood kids, PC and I gave out candy.  I think the popular little boy costume this year was anything from Star Wars (which I apparently have much to learn about!).  On the girls' side, we saw princesses, ballerinas, and a few lady bugs. 

It was a great weekend and I'm hoping this Fall weather will stay!

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