Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Fashion

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It rarely gets cold enough in South Carolina to wear true winter clothes, but oh how I love them!  My mom and I were talking about Christmas one day last week and I've decided I don't want anymore pea coats (if you saw the over abundance I have, you'd definitely agree!) or true winter clothing since we don't really have many days where it's cold enough to wear "cold weather clothes."  While it has steadily been in the upper 80s and low 90s since, oh, APRIL!, it has finally started to feel like fall, and I'm ready to start wearing my fall clothes.

Generally speaking, I live in J.Crew.  I love the Jackie cardigan and have one in almost every color and I have a slight (PC would tell you - huge!) affection for any and all things ruffled as can be seen in my closet.  In the fall, I also love to wear button downs from Ralph Lauren with jeans.  I like really classic clothing.  One thing I notice in my wardrobe is that I don't have a ton of prints.  I have too many clothes as it is, but sometimes, I feel like I'm wearing the same ol' thing.  While I, like most other women out there, have specific outfits that are my go-to's, I think having mostly solid clothing with only a few prints thrown in here and there makes me feel that my wardrobe is slim and I can assure it's not. 

In a few weeks, two of my best friends and I are taking a quick overnight shopping trip.  The purpose of the trip is really to go Christmas shopping, but knowing me, I'll be sure to pick up some things for myself.  I want to try not to buy any "staples" or anything solid unless I love, love it.  And really love, love it.  Quite honestly, there's not really anything on my "have to have" or even "really want" list for fall/winter.  I'm satisfied with the things I have and think the addition of some new accessories like statement necklaces and a dress or two to wear with leggings and flats or boots are all I really need.

What are some of your fall fashion must haves?

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