Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's Grace

Are you ever amazed at God's grace?  I am.  Many times, I feel so undeserving of His blessings, and then I realize, I am.  It's not because of who I am that I receive His blessings, grace, and mercy, it's because of Who He Is. 

Twenty-four years ago when I was born, He knew my life story.  He knew all the failures and successes I would and will have.  He knew all the times I would sin and let Him down.  He knew that there would be times when I would be so close to Him and other times when I would drift away.  He knew it all.  But even knowing all of that, He still saved me.  That in itself shows you that it's all Him, not me at all.

How wonderful is it to know that despite all the "mess" in our lives, if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior and Lord and believe that He is the Son of God, sent to save us from our sins, we will have eternal life?  I think it's amazing.  Does that give us a free ticket to mess up whenever we want because we can fall back on the "Please forgive me" card?  No, but it does mean that God knows as humans, even the best of us still have a sinful nature, and that's just the nature of this life.  Being a Christian doesn't mean being perfect; it means striving to live each day more and more like Christ and asking for His guidance in our lives.  It means knowing that we're not going to be perfect, but knowing that He still loves us and will help us become the person He wants to be if we'll just ask Him.  He's right there, just waiting on us because He loves us too much to force us into a relationship a Him.  Are you with Him?

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