Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day Off? I think not.

I'm not one who likes to use my days off to do "real" things, but today, I did.  I took a sick day as I had a dentist appointment and my office operates under the assumption of if you have a doctors appointment, take the whole day.  Given as how my dental appointment was actually to get bonded veneers, it was a long one, so I went ahead and scheduled a hair appointment, too. 

I woke up thinking I'd have a nice "off" day, but that quickly changed.

My hair dresser was running thirty minutes late (my appointment was the first of the day), but she so kindly offered to bring me a drink.  (I love things like this!).  When she had the first few pieces of my hair in foil, my baby sister (she's nine years younger than me making her 15) called me from school because she nearly passed out.  She goes to a small, private school, and luckily, the school secretary was nice enough to bring her to me given the state of my hair.  Fast forward - my mom gets her into the doctor and I let her (my sister) drive my car the 1/2 mile to her doctor's appointment and tell my mom I'll take care of her (my mom's a teacher) since I'm off all day.  Needless to say, after my hair appointment, I end up sitting with my sister in the doctor's office. 

I came home and fixed her lunch and then got started on my committee for Junior League which took up the two hours I had to waste before my dental appointment. 

I spent the entire afternoon in the dentist's office and still have to go back for more.  Needless to say, I like my teeth.  :)

I've been home for about two hours and I just finished what I hope is the last of the work I have to do for JL... today. 

Even though it wasn't the relaxing "off" day I hoped for, I feel super productive!  Don't you love days like that?

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