Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughts for the Day

A totally, completely random list of my thoughts for the day:
  • I think every work week should be four days.
  • My new favorite thing in the world is a clementine.
  • I want to cook more.  I want to try to make one new meal a week.
  • I really want to see The Tourist, Little Fockers, and Country Strong
  • It's not on my 2011 goals, but I am trying to wear more of my "dress" clothes to work.  My office is business casual (which is really a weird term in itself to me, but that's a discussion for another day) unless we have meetings and then it's a suit.  I certainly don't dress sloppy, but I don't always dress my outfit up with accessories or even always wear my favorite clothes when I'm at the office all day.  I'm trying to do better this year.  So far, so good.  I feel more productive when I feel more together.
  • Speaking of together, my sheer black hose are currently being held together with a bit of clear nail polish as I accidently made a small run in the thigh portion this morning and didn't have time to change.  No worries, it can't be seen.
  • I am almost finished with William and Kate: A Royal Love Story.  I don't know how (and if) accurate it is, but it's been a fun and fast read. 
  • This morning, I went to my first meeting for the logistics committee I'm serving on for the Heart Ball.  I left with a new assignment - I'm over volunteers.
  • Tonight, we have our first Junior League meeting of 2011.  I'm curious to see what our new signature project options are (the e-mail I received sounds exciting) and also, hopefully, round up some volunteers for the Heart Ball.
  • PC and I are having date night tomorrow night!  We see each other practically every day, but with the holidays and everything, we haven't had an "official" us date night in a few weeks.  I'm excited!
  • I'm not doing so well with my weight training twice a week goal.  The gym has been packed all week with all of the resolution makers I'm sure, and I don't like to fight the crowds.  Ha!  PC and I ran a few miles earlier this week, but that's been it for me this week.  I hope to run outdoors this weekend if it's not too cold.  And by too cold I mean in the 40s.
  • I made a new budget yesterday.  I like to see where I waste my money and where I can save more.  For the last year, I've tracked my spending and saving, but not to the extent I am going to this year.  Something about this excites me.  I know, it's crazy. 
  • Speaking of budgets, I wish I had paid more attention in finance in undergrad and graduate school.  I'm really interested in it now and have learned some on my own, but I wish I hadn't chosen finance to be the class I crammed for the night before the test and memorized enough to make a good grade.  I think I'd really like to work in finance one day.

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